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Behind The Scenes At Paris Fashion Week



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Paris Fashion Week is one of the crème de la crème runaway jobs for a model to be hired for. If a model is lucky enough to walk in the New York shows and fly out to Paris for the following shows, they are doing quite well for themselves; but the prominent shows come complete with the pre-prep craziness.

This usually starts a week before the actual show starts, with casting calls all over the city not to mention the designer’s pre-prep starting the month before. A model will meet with casting directors and designers; walking for them during these auditions. They sometimes will not even find out if they are going to be in a particular show until a day or two before. As for early prep-time for casting calls, there is nothing better a model can do besides simply taking care of themselves (diet, exercise, etc.) and feeling confident. When models attend casting calls for the major runway shows, they never know if the casting director is looking for a new face or wants a powerhouse like Naomi Campbell; making any aspiring model trying to get ongoing work in the industry challenging.

Every designer also asks models at the various runways shows to always walk down the runway differently; from graceful and feminine, to street style. Anyone who is a model today also knows that promoting themselves is so much more important than just having runway appearances. For example, Instagram follow ups, as well as other social media posts are key.

This year, behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week, spared zero moments of glitz and glam. For those readers who are not aware, Paris Fashion Week occurs 2x per year and it is either the best time to visit the city (if you are in the industry) or the worst. Hundreds of attendees flock to Paris every year; prominently publicists, editors, designers and journalists. They are all just waiting to get a sneak peak of what they will be wearing next year. This however, is only the beginning of the work that the editors and journalists have on their plate vs. the models and designers who have a majority of their work prior to the shows.

Paris Fashion Week is the tell-all of what is in and what is out in the fashion world, and is divided into three different categories: Men’s Fashion, Haute Couture, and Prêt-à-Porter. Haute Couture is a term coined and protected in Paris, referring to a very few fashion houses that adhere to a very strict criteria. Prêt-à-Porter is what most fashion houses define as ready-to-wear, most designers exhibit these lines during Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week is beyond exclusive, as most of the world’s famous designers choose this city to debut their new lines. Since its inception in 1973, Paris Fashion Week has become a mecca of the best shows and the best parties. This year Demna Vgasalia made a huge debut, showcasing couture suits at Balenciaga, with off-the-shoulder parkas, baggy tinsel and turtleneck knits. Other show highlights included a break to recognize emerging talented designers. The LVMH prize, awarded in May, awards 300,000 Euros to a new designer. At the event fashion industry veterans, designers and editors met designers who made the short list to receive the prize.


Tips To Look & Feel Great In Your Active Wear



By Simi A Mira

If you take a glance around the gym mid-workout, you’ll no doubt see two types of gym-goers (and probably be able to identify as one of these yourself) – the make-up wearing, perfectly styled gym buff or the up-and-at- ‘em gym bunny who likes to get in, work up a sweat and leave. Whatever attitude you choose for your workouts; we’ll help you choose the best workout gear for you. As well as stylish, it’s important that the active wear you dress in is comfortable and suited the workout you are doing. We’ll also offer you some workout gear “no-no’s” for you to avoid, ensuring no faux pas are carried out whilst you get your fitness on.

Tip #1

When picking the right active wear, it’s imperative that you pick the right size. It’s an important fact to remember that just because you are a certain size in your clothes, doesn’t mean that you will be that size in your gym gear. This is a key factor in what will be the most comfortable gear to move in, as well as keeping you looking good – there’s nothing worse that ill-fitting gym outfits.

Tip #2

Bearing this in mind, it’s wise to remember that not all active wear is meant for universal workouts – there are different styles and fabrics to suit various workouts. For example, if you do a lot of running (or running is your main workout), it’s sensible to pick shorts that offer a good freedom of movement as well as ensuring you don’t get too hot too quickly. In contrast, if you are doing something like Pilates or various forms of yoga, body contour fitting items are seen as the ideal wear. This ensures that you can see the shape of your body, and therefore adjust accordingly if needed.

Tip #3

The quality of the garment is another vital factor – the fabric and the make are definite things to keep in mind. The quality of the seams is something to look out for when shopping for garments, as you’ll be really putting them to the test when you exercise. There are certain fabrics out there also that actually can absorb the sweat you create whilst working out (within reason). How amazing is that?

Tip #4

The amount of flesh you reveal is also something to keep checks on – active wear is about what’s comfortable and what can help give you the best workout – not about flashing that summer bod you’ve worked so hard for. Yes, there’s a time and place for that – just not the gym or your local park. Keep it well-vented but still remain covered enough to get on with your workout free of awkward glares.

All in all, it’s comfort that it boils down to. If you choose items that you are comfy in, that give you the ability to perform your best during your workout and that allow you the freedom to move, you’re almost there. Couple this with something you like the look of, that suits you and makes you feel ready to make new records, and you’re onto a winner.

Nightmare Fashion Week Stories



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

From an outsider looking in and especially if you are sitting in the front row of any of the major shows at New York Fashion week, most are purely focused on the glitz and glamour of any show. Champagne, pre parties and after parties are prominent and models are simply their accessory to view a designer’s new line. What really goes on behind the scenes? Here is one account of a former model (anonymous) who specifically shared her nightmare story and put a hold on her runway career to focus on print modeling.

The scoop is as follows: New York Fall Fashion Week is more glamorous to the attendees according to this one model, who was too embarrassed to even call her mom to give her the horrible details. Essentially, this is specifically why this beautiful model quit the fall fashion week. What happened exactly? This is not a situation what you would expect … whatsoever.

First of all, many models walking the runway during fashion week are between the ages of 18 – 21 in hopes of landing a major contract or future modeling jobs. This makes sense, right? Well, here is a detailed inside scoop from our model who indisputably left the runway for print publications. The bottom line is that it is not all about champagne. Also on a side note, most models need to pay rent and $200 a show for an all-day event does not remotely add up to that. It is all about booking the right show, and if not you have the aforementioned payment, blisters, fried hair and clog pores to stay the least. In addition, this does not even compare to the backstage stories you do not want tell mom about.

The real hell of fashion week (according to our inside model source) is what goes down the two weeks prior to fashion week. Any model should forget about eating, because they are expected to be all over one city for all of the fittings. Also, expect a call from your agent if you gained the slightest bit of weight or you switched birth control pills and your boobs got bigger. Yes, industry professionals have specifically asked models to stop taking the pill when their breast size increased. If there are any weight issues, you will lose work.

The makeup chair is especially hard if you have skin issues. Most fashion show attendees do not know that most model’s makeup is actually set with hair spray. This is not good for anyone with sensitive skin and our particular subject would have to bring a specialized lotion with her at all times to not walk down the runway with a rash. The general public also thinks that cotton pads are key for cleaning comfort, but at the end of the day a Q-tip feels like a tiny knife after a show for a model. This means going home with tired eyes and skin that is even more irritable. The last of the major problems is that our beautiful model has thin, fine, bleached hair. After 8 days, of random stylists who do not care applying gel, comb-outs and anything else under the sun, chunks of her hair on the floor were clearly the last straw for her. The industry is certainly less glamorous when actually working a show.

How To Get A Bangin’ Beach Body



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Have you always wanted to get a nice, sultry beach body for the summer heat? Well, this article is going to tell you exactly how you can achieve that without having to go on any crazy crash diets, take any pills, have any surgery or do any extreme work out regimens! Follow the tips below and you are sure to get that much closer to your best beach body yet.


We would all love to have a perfect Victoria’s Secret body but it isn’t always obtainable. You ought examine your body type and decide what you think is a reasonable goal that you are willing to pursue and alot yourself a set time frame. For example, if you have a full hour glass figure, chances are that you’ll never look like Alessandra Ambrosio. But, you could very reasonably obtain a healthy but curvy figure such as Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Or if you are someone who is very tall and lean, then you probably won’t be able to get a Shakira figure. But, you could very reasonably obtain a nicely toned, but feminine physique such as Kendall Jenner. Finding “thinspirations” that actually resemble your natural shape is the key to not having disappointments in your weight loss journey.


Notice the post did not say go on a diet or a fast. It says to change your eating habits altogether. Now, if you choose to kick start your weight loss journey by going on a more calorie restricted eating regimen, that is fine but remeber to only do such for a limited time. This is to keep your body from becoming accustomed to such a narrow eating schedule so that once you stop your diet, you will not instantly gain all of your weight back. Try making healthier choices such as only eating out on weekends, finding food substitutions (i.e subbing your icecream for frozen yogurt), pre made meal plans and possibly even shopping organically! There are so many ways to incorporate helthy eating into your life that there is no reason for you to struggle.


Water is the life source of the body. Because our bodies are made of mostly water, our system thrives on it! Thus, instead of drinking all of those heavily carbonated, sugar drenched juices and sodas, hydrate yourself with a nice glass of cold water! This is going to help you save calories, sugar and acrbs for what really counts: food! Plus, water also helps replenish the body for clearer skin, healthier hair and stronger longer nails!


Joining a gym is awesome if you have the time and the money. However, it is not at all a necessity. Simply try your best to incorporate movement into your daily routine as much as possible. For example, if you drive alot, you can try to make it a habit to walk more often. If you always fing yourself opting for the elevator or escalator, take the stairs, even if it’s a few flights up! Go to your local Walmart or Target and pick up a couple of fun work out DVD’s that will give you the same power of going to a class at a gym but at teh convenience of being in your own home on your own time!


Do not make this more serious than it needs to be. The more dreadful you make your weight loss, the less likely you are to stick to it! So have a good heart and a string mind and make this a lifestyle!

There you have it! Those are your top tips to your best beach body.

It’s Not As Easy As It Seems – Posing Takes Practice



By Dania Denise
Modeling 101 – A Model’s Diary

Posing is the major duty of any model, male or female. Even runway models are required to post at the end of the catwalk. This skill comes naturally to many models but does take time and a lot of practice to master.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that comes with posing is the fact that it requires a model to multitask mentally. How so? Well, there’s a lot that goes into posing–namely the details. It doesn’t take much for one tiny posing error to throw off or even ruin an otherwise amazing photo.

This subject is hard for me to explain in words but the best way for me to capture the essence of what goes into posing and why it requires multitasking is to imagine yourself striking a pose in front of the camera.

Actually, you know what? I want you to get up right now and do a pose in front of the mirror. Don’t think–just do.

Got your pose? Good…now hold it. Hopefully you’re in a position to be able to still read this blog post as you’re doing your pose because the next step is to ask yourself the following questions. If you’re not in a good position to do both, read this first and then ask yourself these questions in your head or have a friend/sibling read the following questions out loud to you while posing and make adjustments as needed:

1. Is my whole body posed or just certain parts?

It’s easy for models to pose and “think” they’ve got a complete pose when, in reality, only their top half is posing or vice-versa. When it comes to full body images, your entire body should be posed. This doesn’t mean some crazy, off-the-wall dynamic where every appendage is doing something different. For example, say your pose is simply having your hands on your hips or posing them near your face/neck area. Well, what are you doing with your feet and legs? Are they just boring or are you doing something with them?

You should be posing even if there’s a part of your body that’s not showing on camera. When sitting down, for example, although the focus is on your upper body, your posing will be more successful if you’re also positioning your legs a certain way. When your entire body is involved, it influences the pose overall…plus, it’s just easier to do, in my opinion.

2. What do my hands look like? Are they posed in a way that will photograph well?

Being mindful of how your hands and fingers are is crucial in a majority of poses. I’m sure you’ve all seen the ANTM episode (from the petite cycle, I believe), where they described a model’s hand as “the claw.” Amazing picture but that dang “claw” just messed it up.

When posing, look at your hands/fingers. Are you unconsciously clenching your hands into a fist? You’d be amazed how naturally people do it without even realizing it. It’s important to have the fingers properly spaced out (not too much) but not so close together that it would look funny. Depending on the angle, if you don’t pose your hands right, it could look like you’re missing fingers or have a stump (believe me, I’ve seen it and it’s pretty comical).

3. What am i doing with my feet? are they positioned in a way that makes the pose look good overall?

Similar to my response for question #1. If your upper body is posed great but your legs are kinda blah, the whole image will be blah. There isn’t a whole lot you can do with your feet/legs but with time and practice, it is possible to create nice poses where the lower body works in harmony with the upper body.

4. Are my arms blocking my torso in anyway?

Depending on the angle, it is important to try not to unnecessarily block your torso with your arms for posing where you are standing (there are a few poses where this can be done in a nice way but not many)…the main reason being that in photographs, it can make a model look “wider” than he/she really is, which is never flattering.

5. Am I sucking in my stomach?

It doesn’t matter if your stomach is already pretty flat–believe me, it can be sucked in more. The camera captures and emphasizes problem areas, even the ones we didn’t think were there. Anytime you’re posing, it’s just good habit to suck in your stomach while shooting, especially if you’re doing a 3/4 angle or profile. Not only does it photograph better, it makes your posture better when posing.

6. Is the pose i’m doing flattering to my body shape?

This is where models need to be realistic. This (pardon my French) damn pose below is NOT for everyone:

Yes, this pose looks very cool…it screams high fashion but we’re not all high fashion models. 9 times out of 10 I’ve seen non-fashion models do this pose (and are so serious about it) and I’ve gotta say it just looks absolutely terrible! Just put your hands on your hips normally and command the photo with good posture (chest out, stomach sucked in, back straight) and trust me, it will look much better and work in your favor.

7. How is the angle/position of my head/face? Is my chin properly posed at the right angle?

On this point, I’m talking specifically about the actual posing of your head/face, not facial expression. One of the most common feedback models get from photographers while shooting is, “chin up” and “chin down.” These angles make a huge difference.

Posing with your chin down too much means a serious forehead shot and it throws the proportions/angles of your face off whack (namely, making your eyes look demonic as you’re staring up at the camera). Putting your chin up too much means an up the nose shot. However, there are exceptions to this rule when it comes to having the chin up too much…but it mostly applies to beauty shots so unless you’re doing beauty/portrait or certain stylised head shots, don’t have your chin up so high. Also, Leaning your head too far sideways can photograph as if your neck is broken.

As you can see, there is a lot of mental things a model has to cross of the multitasking checklist while posing. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? That’s because it is and is one of the many reasons why modeling isn’t as easy as it seems, nor is it for everyone. It isn’t possible to strike the perfect pose every single time, which is why it takes hundreds of photographers to find the key 1 or 2 that end up being used to produce the final results.

All My LITTLE Friends Are Models Too



By Michael Murchie

All models have to start somewhere. Many girls in their early teens are scouted off social media, at events or but presenting themselves at “walk-in” days through agencies. Some, however, have been involved in the industry for a long time before they even get to their teens.

Meet Meika Woollard. This girl has been at the top of the Australian kid’s commercial modelling scene since she was 3 years old.

I was always a little wary of the child modelling industry mainly due to reports about dodgy agency dealings and the fact that I wrongly associated the commercial kids industry with the pageant scene. Horror stories about “stage mums” and professional jealousy, backbiting and contract killings (I made that last one up!)

I am happy to report that the reality is much less scary. I’m sure all that exists but it couldn’t be further from the reality for Meika and her equally beautiful sisters, all of whom model kid’s fashion.

Meika is a well grounded, happy, everyday eleven year old kid – she just happens to be breathtakingly beautiful. She loves her vegemite sandwiches for school lunch, plays basketball and does normal kid stuff every day. She is not precocious, she lives a normal family life and really enjoys her modelling.

I have had the pleasure of shooting with her recently. When I first met Meika she was 10. She is tall, friendly and very professional for her years. The BEST part was that there was not a stage mum in sight! Her mum Andi is not suffering any delusions. Her girls are all beautiful and don’t need any pushing – they LOVE modelling. Andi is always there and protective but she is also very professional and patient.

Meika has had a great start shooting campaigns and walking in parades for the likes of Myer, Country Road, Witchery & Bardot Jr to name a few. She has a lot of years ahead of her in the industry yet. With her amazing face and height potential this little girl is set to make a big impression in the future.


Photographer:@michaelmurchiephotographer @michaelmurchie_kids

MUA: @sheranazmi

The Responsibility for Happiness



No one is responsible for your own happiness but yourself. Granted some people need a little guiding influence from family and friends, like those with an underdeveloped cerebral cortex (i.e., the young). We also like to rely on our cultural context to provide inspiration and colour our lives like movies, music and magazines. But eventually and in the end, it is up to the individual to make themselves happy, and so when an entire industry and its observers engage in a war of words over who is responsible for poor body image amongst young women and men, placing blame with everyone else but themselves, I say it is you who is responsible. You are responsible and no one else. Not the agents, not the editors, not the designers nor the models on the runway. You are responsible for yourself and for creating your own happiness, no one else.


I had to learn this lesson myself. As a 17 year old in New York City I thought my smiling agents had my best interests at heart and since we spoke face to face and they saw me almost everyday, I thought they would get to know me as a person, treat me like one and work with me as a team to get the best possible outcome for both of us. But alas, no. I spent many years miserable, barely eating because I wasn’t the ‘right shape’ for high fashion (dammit, boobs!). I’d freeze through location shoots for magazines that didn’t pay and that didn’t care I was borderline hypothermic. I went from one city where I was too thin to one where I was too fat, to another where I was getting on a bit (at 22) to another where I was too young for their market. I was miserable, and unwell and I was trying so hard! Why wasn’t it working? Because booking great campaigns but being hungry and ultimately very lonely is simply not worth it. Having my hair pulled, face painted and body criticised wasn’t fun (surprise). It didn’t make me happy. And it wasn’t the industry’s fault, there wasn’t a gun to my head forcing me to say ‘yes, I want to do high fashion even though I must manipulate my frame beyond what is healthy; Yes, I want to go to London in December and shoot outside; Yes I will shoot another free editorial even though my landlord doesn’t accept rent in good intentions.”


It became impossible to please anyone, even myself, so I made a change. I made a deliberate and conscious effort to do what would make me happier and healthier and exercised my basic right of free will. I decided to work in markets that suited me as my natural self, instead of contorting myself to fit them, where I ate what I wanted and took ballet classes as much as I wanted. I left town when the seasons were too brutal to be outside walking to castings all day and lived in places where I had friends close by, and hopefully family not too far away. I stopped manipulating myself to fit markets simply not suited to me, I took time out to dance two seasons with Ballet Chicago, and later to finish my degree and start a business. I found agents that wanted to work together as a team and I have collected a stable of clients that make hard work and long hours feel like play time. I took responsibility for my health and my happiness and everything seemed to fall into place.


It’d be wise for the naysayers of the industry to also remember that fashion is actually fiction and nine times out of ten is trying to sell you something. So be responsible and decide if it will actually enhance your happiness or simply drain your bank account and your will to live. If it’s the latter, put it down and move on. The best way to view and consume fashion is to remember it is escapism, like literature or cinema. No one sets out to brain wash young women and men into believing that thin is in, because dammit food is delicious and most good times go down around food (healthy is in, always has been and always will be). The fashion industry is an industry of Creatives sharing ideas and dreams. Maybe it would help putting magazines in the fiction section. When someone said “I wish I looked like you in that magazine!” I just said, “Yeah, me too.” It isn’t real, and if you think that trying to create that feeling in your real life is going to make you happy then you are going to wind up miserable, broke and very disappointed with only yourself to blame (unless you’re highly materialistic, then good for you, I guess).


Only you can make yourself happy; not the women in magazines, not the numbers on the scale and definitely not the product magazines are trying to sell. But then again, that isn’t their responsibility either. It is yours.


instagram: @simikerr

Welcome Back, Doll!



By: Jessie Quinn


She’s back! Gemma Ward caused quite the buzz at Milan Fashion Week, when she opened Prada’s Spring/Summer 2015 show, and it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Australia’s favorite supermodel. Ward’s agency, IMG, tweeted, post show: “don’t call it a come back, @gem_ward is here to stay!” The show was Ward’s first time on the catwalk in six years and first modeling gig since the birth of her daughter last year.


With “youngest model to appear on the cover of Vogue” and “replacing Kate Moss as the face of Calvin Klein’s Obsession Night perfume,” on her long list of career achievements, there’s no doubt Ward is an industry favorite. Known for her doll-like features, she was discovered at the age of 14, at a modeling competition in Perth, Australia that– get this– her friends were auditioning for! She was later signed by IMG in New York, quickly becoming a household name.

At the peak of her career, Forbes named Ward one of the 15 top-grossing models in the world and, according to Vogue Australia, “by the age of 20, she commanded $25,000 per runway walk and was signed to no less than nine major fashion campaigns.”


In 2008, as rumors of Ward’s retirement began to spread through the media, she turned her focus to the pursuit of an acting career (one of her passions, since she was a little girl). Her first major role was the deadly mermaid, ‘Tamara,’ in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She went on to play socialite ‘Catherine Wilson’ in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsy. Shortly after Ward finished filming, IMG announced her hiatus from both industries. After taking some time out for herself (and becoming a mum!), Ward was re-signed to IMG in 2013 and the comeback rumors commenced…


It’s unclear when and where we’ll be seeing Ward next, but if one thing’s for sure: we couldn’t be happier to see her again. Welcome back, doll!



Travel In Style



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

There are many models out there and on the move. We’re not just talking about bouncing from interviews, fittings and runway shows either. The models who travel extensively have to have one more thing to balance on their plates and that is packing, as well as getting their belongings from point A to point B in between all of the other modeling craziness. There is a company however, called Luggage Forward that is making traveling much easier for models on the move.

Luggage Forward is a service founded in 2004, based on the concept that enjoying traveling is all about the journey and not just the destination. The company is focusing on providing a service for their customers so they do not have to worry about hauling their bags around. This service is ideal for models who travel and do not want the hassle of dealing with their baggage at the airport, and the company even International. You can call for a quote (and the prices are quite reasonable), or can simply go to their website and fill out your travel destinations. Pick up locations are quite diverse too, as Luggage Forward will pick up luggage at any residence, hotel, cruise ship and even at a golf course. Another great feature is that you can track where your bags are online. This is really useful for models who have to be at various locations for different projects. Luggage Forward is also great for industry professionals who travel solo and need to ship multiple containers of garments and projects ahead of time.

How does the service work exactly? First, you go online to https://www.luggageforward.com and input your pick up city and destination, to get a quote as mentioned above. As any model or traveler otherwise, pack your luggage exactly like you would pack airline luggage. Always make sure that you carefully wrap any products that you would normally do when you fly or travel. Models who are packing any exercise equipment need to use ample padding as well. If you are sporting exercise equipment or golf clubs, be sure to contact Luggage Forward as they can give you recommendations on what they except as acceptable packing for non-traditional items.

You will receive a quote online when you input the number of bags, but you can also get a quote via phone too. After you select a specific pickup location and most importantly time, your baggage is carefully guarded by the Luggage Forward professional team and you can track your shipment online as well. When your luggage is delivered, you will be notified via email, text or phone. This offers peace of mind for models who are already nervous about a shoot, as they can arrive at their destination knowing that their baggage is awaiting their arrival. Last but not least, Luggage forward offers a professional service that is also stylish and really effective. Luggage Forward hands down is a fabulous service for anyone in the modeling industry who is on the go.

How Changing Your Hair Color Will Change You



Simi A Mira

I started coloring my hair before I started using make-up. Unlucky enough to have been born with a rather dull brown, I was always so jealous of those sexy blonds and mysterious brunettes. Sadly, my first attempts to distinguish myself led me to try colors such as blue, purple and red. Terrible mistake. However, years after these clumsy failures, I have finally found the blond that has me hearing “ You look like Cara Delevingne” five times a day. I cannot guarantee that it will happen to you, but there’s no harm in trying. Here’s my advice if you want to color your hair and see how you could have looked if Mother Nature had been more generous.

From blond to brunette

This is for you if you think your Adriana Lima potential is not fully exploited. Some say coloring from light to dark is less dangerous for your hair because you don’t empty it from its pigments. However, you will probably have a shock the next morning and wonder what is Wednesday Adams doing in your bed.

If you really want to go dark, prefer an institute. It is always safer than letting your ten years-old cousin try, and I know what I’m talking about. After getting your hair done, don’t wash it before three to four hours, unless kaki is the color you secretly wanted to achieve.

From brunette to blond

Look who thinks they can become Dakota Fanning. Fair enough, but do it right. If you are a dark brunette, don’t expect to go home after your first day at the saloon with your dream beachy hair. To dying in horrible pain, you’ll have to go through several appointments. Don’t give up: blonds are supposed to get more male attention and to look nicer. It is unfair, but who am I to fight statistics?

From brunette to red

One can argue that this is a bad idea, but it is also an easy goal to achieve. Since your dark hair already contain red pigment, you’ll just have to reveal them by stripping it. You might end up looking like my artist friend during her gothic phase, but that will cost you less money and less time than achieving an actually sexy color. Still, if you are lucky and good-looking, you could end up turning into a wild sex-bomb. An interesting bet.

From blond to any light color

Your mother will tell you it’s a bad idea, your friends will repeat it and Katy Perry’s blue hair pictures will confirm. Still, the heart wants what it wants. I have to admit that I saw cute girls with pink hair, and weirdly satisfying blue tones. Never have I ever seen a nice green though. Anyway, lucky blond, achieving any color is easy for you. You can even do it at home with these cheap colors that will repaint your pillow if you don’t rinse it right. Just apply the quantity required and pray.

Either you’re fishing for attention or compliment, you will probably get both by coloring your hair. Try to use good quality products and hydrate it often, so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a cheap wig.